Kay Williamson 


Romantic Suspense

Ghostly Whispers 
Time After Time 

Beautiful and wealthy Christie Rhineman believes she's the luckiest woman on earth when she marries the charming successful broker, Brent Madison. But things take a different turn when Brent disappears on a business trip to the volatile country, Colombia.

Detective Zane Standish is hired to investigate and soon suspects a hoax, but is unable to convince Christie of his suspicions.

Eerie phone calls and rearranged photographs prompt Christie to confide in her social secretary, Marilyn.

Marilyn sets up a series of seances with her psychic friend, Joyce, and cautions Christie not to reveal any of the paranormal happenings or her family and friends will think she's crazy and have her committed.

Day by day, Zane is falling in love with his client. He finds clues and chases down leads until he finally gathers enough evidence to prove to Christie that her life is in danger. But will she listen and will it be in time to keep her out of harm's way?

Listen to the Heart

Pamela Ryan's marriage is over, but her emotionally disturbed husband, Norman, tells her he'd rather kill her than to let her go. The stress of her disastrous marriage finally catches up with her in a mysterious way. In a Scottish tearoom, she finds herself lapsing into a Scottish dialect. Suspecting her strange behavior is in some way related to reincarnation, she, without telling Norman, seeks the help of past-life regression therapist, Dr. Martin Bradford. 

Under hypnosis, Pamela discovers she was Sarah MacAllister, a young Scottish girl engaged to Robyn Macqueen. As session after session reveals the details of Pamela's past life – of her death and her grief-stricken fiancé's suicide – she and Dr. Bradford grow closer. But Pamela doesn't fully understand the pull of her attraction towards her therapist until she discovers that Dr. Martin Bradford was none other than Robyn Macqueen. 

In spite of Norman's murderous threats, the reunited lovers make plans to flee the country and to look for their past-life parents. But when Norman discovers their plans, he vows to find and kill them.  

Up and coming architect Debra Paley endured a lifetime of nightmares that resulted in psychosomatic illness. These nightmares, combined with the odd recurrence that Debra is often mistaken for a girl named Nicole, lead a parapsychologist to believe Debra is picking up the vibrations of another woman.

When Debra starts work at the prestigious St. Claire Architectural Firm, she meets and falls in love with Terry St. Claire. Coworker Anita Parker, obsessed with Terry, sabotages Debra’s drawings and plots to murder her.

Meanwhile, two men are following wealthy Terry St. Claire with plans for a kidnapping.

On Halloween Eve, at the opening of the firm’s latest project, The Carlotta Inn, Anita is prepared to carry out her murderous plot. But the evening proves to be full of surprises for both Anita and Debra as the mystery of Debra’s psychosomatic illness is finally solved.

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